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"Implementing an Effective Sleep Apnea Program in Your Dental Practice"

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Treating sleep apnea is one of the most powerful ways you, as a dentist, can impact the overall health and wellness of your patients and grow your practice. Not sure how to make it work? This book will help you:

The simple to follow, step by step plan revealed for you in this book has been used to create and launch effective sleep apnea programs in dental practices just like yours.

Listen to what our clients have to say:

"I feel that treating sleep apnea is very beneficial for my patients and can be beneficial for the practice financially. Better Sunrise has a great support system, they're very thorough in how to implement the system, and I feel confident that my team is ready to get started on Monday."

Ala Dean Attar, DMD

Act now! The sooner you get my book, the sooner you will start helping your patients in a way that goes far beyond their oral health, while building your practice revenue. If you have taken training in sleep apnea dentistry and found it difficult to implement in your practice, you are not alone and this book is for you. If you are ready for the satisfaction of getting paid by medical insurance plans for delivering life changing care to your patients, get my book now.

David Dorn

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