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How Better Sunrise Makes It Easy to Be Reimbursed by Health Insurance Plans

Sleep apnea oral appliance therapy can only be provided by a dentist but it is covered by health insurance not dental insurance plans. This has created confusion and frustration for many dentists, office staff members and patients. Most dental offices work with dental insurance plans routinely, but have no experience with health insurance. It is not uncommon for a dentist to make a few sleep apnea appliances for patients and have difficulty with insurance reimbursement. The patient may have been anticipating insurance coverage for their treatment, and found their out of pocket expense was greater than they expected. As a result, some dentists have unfortunately decided to avoid providing this care altogether to save themselves, their staff and their patients the frustration.

Better Sunrise offers a health insurance claim pre-authorization and billing service which makes getting paid by health insurance plans easy for dental offices. We start with confirming health insurance coverage and benefits. This helps our clients and their patients understand their health insurance benefits for oral appliance therapy on a case by case basis. If the patient chooses to move forward with treatment, Better Sunrise takes care of any pre-authorization that may be required; submits the claim to the health insurance plan; and monitors the claim progress until the dental office receives payment directly from the health insurance company.

How the Better Sunrise Health Insurance Billing Process Works:

  • To find out about health insurance coverage and benefits for sleep apnea oral appliance therapy, the dental office faxes demographic and health insurance information to Better Sunrise.
  • Better Sunrise will provide the office with coverage and benefit information within 24 hours.
  • If the patient chooses to move forward with treatment, a copy of the diagnostic sleep study report is requested.
  • Better Sunrise will get approval for treatment from the health insurance plan, with a coverage determination in writing if possible.
  • Once approval is finalized, the patient comes in for impressions. Notify Better Sunrise and a claim will be submitted.
  • The dental office is paid generally in 4 - 6 weeks by the health insurance plan.

Better Sunrise staff members are available to help you through this process and support you every step of the way. We are committed to helping our clients provide oral appliance therapy and maximize health insurance coverage for this life changing treatment.

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