Patients love the convenience

Michael Acierno, DDS

Better Sunrise has made diagnosing sleep apnea so much easier for me. I know how difficult it can be for patients to get the proper assessment that a sleep study can provide. Who wants to spend the night at a laboratory or hospital? I know I don’t and neither did my patients. Thankfully, Better Sunrise came up with a better solution. Letting patients be tested in their own home, in their own bed, provides the same results you would get at a hospital while getting a better night’s sleep since your routine is only minimally interrupted. The testing device even gets dropped off and picked from my patient’s home by tech – to make it as convenient as possible. The cost is a fraction of an overnight stay in a lab and is typically covered by insurance. Patients love the convenience and so do I, and I will continue to recommend Better Sunrise to all my patients.