Sleep Apnea Program Registration and Staff Training


The Better Sunrise Dental Sleep Apnea System  


Program Registration and Staff Training 


Not sure where to begin in treating sleep apnea patients in your dental practice?


Are you looking for an easy way to efficiently identify patients who have sleep apnea?


Have you found insurance reimbursement for treatment to be difficult?


Are you reluctant to introduce a new program now, because your staff is already stretched too thin?


This dental sleep apnea system is for you!

I have successfully implemented the Better Sunrise sleep apnea system into dental offices just like yours across the U.S.


More than medical claim billing services. More than coaching.  More than staff training.  

We will teach your staff how they can consistently identify patients now, today, in your practice, who have sleep apnea or are at risk; get them on treatment; and get medical insurance reimbursement for your services.  You don’t have to buy expensive new software.  Your staff will not be required to learn how to work with medical insurance companies.   In cases where needed, Better Sunrise offers a home sleep testing service for patients who have not yet been diagnosed.  When oral appliance treatment is completed, Better Sunrise can submit medical insurance claims and resolve problem claims, so you get paid.  It is really that straightforward, and I guarantee it.


What You Will Get:


  • A complete turnkey system that can start working in your office today

  • A continual flow of inquiries from patients about treatment you offer

  • Your staff working as a team to deliver care and build revenue


When this training is completed, your staff members will be working as a team to provide care to your sleep apnea patients and generate medical insurance reimbursement.  We will be available going forward, with unlimited live phone support, to answer any questions and help you and your team through the unknowns.  You will have a proven, effective and working system in place in your practice, supported by dedicated sleep apnea professionals, to help change the lives of your patients for the better and build revenue.



Register for a Better Sunrise Dental Sleep Apnea Program Implementation and Staff Training and You Will Receive:


  • 60 Minute Live Webinar that I Will Conduct Personally
  • Unlimited coaching and lifetime case support for oral appliance therapy
  • Ongoing training and support for dental staff - including new team members
  • Forms
  • Protocols
  • Marketing Materials
  • Patient Education Resources
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Register your program and schedule the training today – to start helping your patients and building your practice!


The cost of the session, all the materials, ongoing live support and staff training is just $ 995.   


 A great value!


Did you know that the typical medical insurance allowable amount for one sleep apnea oral appliance is between $ 2,500 - $ 3,000?  You can make a profit on this program beginning with your first case.




There is No Risk for You

I personally stand behind this offer.  I guarantee that after you do one case, you will be pleased with the results or I will cheerfully refund the full amount of your payment. 


 David Dorn

 Founder and President